Elementary School

Carlisle ISD has universal free breakfast for all students.

We have Free & Reduced Applications to fill out to see if you qualify for free or reduced meals for lunch. The applications can be picked up at any campus office and in the cafeteria.

Lunch Meal Prices:

Reduced Prices:          $.40 for any students

Paid Prices:                 $2.80 for any students

Staff & Guest Prices:  $3.75 for any age. 

Your student may charge 2 meals on their account.  There is no charging for ala-carte items. You can view  your student’s account for meals and ala-carte item that they have purchased at  www.mymealtime.com .  

Payment Methods:  You can send a check or cash with the student.  You can use a credit card on www.mymealtime.com and add money to your student’s account.  

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 903-861-3801 ext. 802.  

New website: carlisleisd.nutrislice.com  This is where you can view our menus and personalize them for allergies, food restrictions and many other options.  You can also download an app for your phone that allows you to view the menus in real time.  




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