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Search Engines that we use every day actually have the goal of selling you a product or service. Michael Bell, Former Chair of the Texas Association of School Librarians, and retired school and university librarian, created a filtered version of Google called INFOTOPIA. There are two more: VirtualLRC.comPrimary Sources Search Engine!

Thesis Creator - from Ashford University

Strunk & White's Elements of Style Online! - and many other useful reference books!! – federally-funded grant in partnership with TEA that focuses on building a college-bound culture for all Texans. FREE, easy-to-use resources that help students, families, and teachers prepare for success in college and way beyond.

Mrs. Loyola is the District Librarian and is usually in the 6th-12th grade school library Her schedule changes often. She can be reached at 903-861-3811 or

AR Book finder (Rennaissance Learning) 



  "I Must Read a Wimpy Kid Book! This guy is great!" -The Indian


Research Paper Paraphrasing Help:

* Help putting quotes into paraphrases:  Gaggletube video: "Quoting vs. Paraphrasing - MLA Style"


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School Phone:
903-861-3811 ext 107

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Contact Andrea Loyola

School Phone:
903-861-3811 ext 107