District Required Postings

Family Engagement Plan

Debt Transparency Posting 2016

SB5 – Community Engagement 2016

Career and Technology Methods of Administration (MOA) required posting – English

Career and Technology Methods of Administration (MOA) required posting – Spanish


Carlisle Proposed 2017-2018 Budget                         Carlisle Adopted 2017-2018 Budget

Carlisle Proposed 2016-2017 Budget                         Carlisle Adopted 2016-2017 Budget

Carlisle Proposed 2015-2016 Budget                         Carlisle Adopted 2015-2016 Budget


Bill of Rights for Property Owners                                 AEIS Report

Carlisle ISD Online Board Policy Manual                    School District Ratings (FIRST)   

Annual Financial and Compliance Reports                Carlisle School Report Card: Click Here and select District Name in the Search By. Next 

                                                                                              put Carlisle ISD in the box under Appropriate Name.  Then select Continue and Open.

Carlisle Highly Qualified Teacher Report

Carlisle ISD's accountablitly rating is Met Standard                       2014 Accountability Rating

Carlisle ISD's accountability rating is Academically Acceptable    2013 Accountability Rating

Approved Tax Rate for 2014-2015 is M&O 1.17 and I&S .38 for a combined total of 1.55

College Credit Programs and Electronic Courses - Please contact Principal  Sarah Baker at 903.861.3811 x528

Conflict of Interest: Dairy Queen