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INFOTOPIA is a filtered version of Google; it shows you what the ads are and helps you find quality information quicker. VirtualLRC.com & Primary Sources Search Engine are available too… all three were created by school librarians!

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Strunk & White's Elements of Style Online! - and many other useful reference books!

TexasGearUp.com! – federally-funded grant in partnership with TEA that focuses on building a college-bound culture for all Texans. FREE, easy-to-use resources that help students, families, and teachers prepare for success in college and way beyond.

Mrs. Loyola is the District Librarian and is usually in the 6th-12th grade school library Her schedule changes often. She can be reached at 903-861-3811 or loyolaa@carlisleisd.org.

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Carlisle ISD School Song

All hail to Carlisle’s honor,
Best in the land.
We are united
And for victory stand.

We sail the sea of triumph
Or’e this great land.
We’re ever fighting for
Our red skins.
High or’e the field of battle
Floats the blue and gold.
Indian teams advancing
Bravely to the goal.

We fight with faith undaunted
Victory will come true.
We’re all together
We’re all for you!

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Wisdom for Seniors

“Back To School Tips for Your Senior Year of High School.” Peterson's, Peterson's, 25 June 2018, www.petersons.com/blog/tips-high-school-senior-year/.

“How to Prepare for College During Your Senior Year of High School.” My College Options - Public Vs. Private Colleges, www.mycollegeoptions.org/Core/SiteContent/Students/Advice/College-Resource-Center/Getting-in---Applying-to-College/College-Admissions-Guides/Senior-Year.aspx.