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*Update on Carlisle ISD summer strength and conditioning workouts.* June 18, 2020

The student-athlete that was in question for COVID-19 has been tested, and the results were negative. So, with that being said there have been zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Carlisle ISD facilities. To reiterate no coach nor student-athlete that has attended a summer workout has tested positive for COVID-19.

So, according to the UIL guidelines we are able to continue our summer strength and conditioning workouts. These workouts will resume Monday, June 22. Even though the student-athlete in question tested negative for COVID-19, he will not be attending workouts for the next two weeks. We will continue to put the safety of our student-athletes and faculty first and follow all safety measures put forth by UIL. Thank you for your patience and understanding through this process.


Michael R. Payne